The Galaxy Game

The Galaxy Game - Karen Lord

Definitely some issues with this book. The prologue was kind of a mess with its overuse of Latin and Greek, most of it unnecessary at that point, it wasn't bad. However, the book seemed almost to be missing several chapters at the beginning, wherein the characters were established. Although this information came out throughout the story, much of it should have appeared at the beginning.

Also, this book seemed to me to have been marketed as a YA school story almost, which it most definitely was not. Liked the story once I passed the halfway mark. But I had wanted a YA school story.

Ancillary Justice

Ancillary Justice - Ann Leckie A definite favorite. The things that Leckie does with POV are interesting and the question of identity and self that the first-person-(semi)omniscient brings up are brilliant. The 1PO perspective is slightly reminiscent of some detective fiction (e.g. Tyler Dilts' narrator, Detective Beckett, who sometimes posits scenarios in the 1PO perspective).